www.LICIndiagov.in is not an official website of LIC. But we’re one of the trusted LIC consultants in India. We are always available for our clients, and the foremost motive of our company is to meet the requirements of customers.

Over the last 10 years, we are able to gain faith and serve society. Our company doesn’t just randomly recommend any policy to the customer. We make a thorough analysis of the needs and preferences of the client by meeting them personally. After a precise study we offer them a LIC policy or a mix of LIC policy strategies that best suits them. This is why our clients recommend us to their friends, families, and companies.

Mr. Subhash Kumar Beniwal

MDRT (USA), Gold Medalist


We work hard and our dedication towards the work has enabled us to have over 1000+ clients. Our strategy is to clearly make all the details of the plan highlighted in front of the clients so that they can be crystal clear about which plan is good for them and which is not. Customers have the right to know the pros and cons of every policy to make proper differentiation.

We are available at the service of our clients 24×7. Being customer satisfaction the main criteria helped the company to expand and have a diverse group of clients. Customers can also easily access the board information regarding the different policies on a single click. The categorization is done in a manner that can be straightforwardly understood by the viewers without having to face the trouble.

If you’re our client then you can just relax and sit back without worrying about your money. We opt to make the best utilization of your money according to your needs and requirements. Giving the best service is what makes us the renowned LIC consultants in India.

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protecting you is our business

LICIndia.gov is humbled by the magnitude of the responsibility we carry and realize the lives that are associated with LICIndia.gov are very valuable indeed.

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